Take Me With You

I've struggled with what to write as this summer finally comes to an end. We've had a hell of a month. Quite the tail spin coming off of the road, suffered the loss of a pregnancy, the flu hit, and before we knew it, we'd forgotten all that we had just accomplished. 8 weeks on the road together, this little family. And I am damn proud we made it out. We're stronger and more purposeful. And I can't believe we lived so long without all this STUFF. The trip ended so abruptly, I don't think we were ready to quit just yet. We've already begun planning our next little trip, that is, once this African weather decides to take a hike. I took so many photos, so many that I can't share them all at once. I have decided however, to share my favorite film images in this post along with a few short journal entries from our time on the road.
6000 miles. As my son always says, "take me with you."


July 16th, Day 13:

"Why do bananas have butts?" First thing and last thing I remember hearing as we make the trip into Vermont today. Late start due to the rain in Boston. We've spent the past two days with friends and family. First we took a detour into Long Island and stayed with good friends, Scott, Terita & their son Darwin. Darwin and Jasper spent the better part of their toddler days together as Terita and I used to swap childcare weekly when they lived down in Florida. Jasper jumped from the car and ran to Darwin, hugged him so tight and said he's missed him. Terita and I, yet to even embrace each other, stood with tears in our eyes watching our sons reunite after an entire year apart.

It was great to see Terita, tight and round with her baby girl growing in her belly. Scott shared his bourbon, and we all shared some laughter. Terita prepared food as always and we went to bed, bellies full, and with our first showers in four days.

On Sunday, we headed into Boston to stay with Nick, Lauren & baby Ceci who was just shy of 6 months old. During the days there, we drove into Rhode Island to see Roxanne and her two children. Jasper had a wonderful time playing with Henry's trucks and he also looked up to Jane like a big sister. It was beautiful watching them play with one another after seeing them grow in pictures over the year.

Roxanne was so giving, and she lived in a perfect little cottage near the shore. Brown shingles with a red door and an abundant garden. Jasper cried on the steps of her cottage when it was time to leave. It was difficult to take him from there. It was the first time in two weeks he'd played with other children and it finally hit him as he asked "why do they have a home?" After asking if they also had a camper, I whispered to him that Jane really wished she could've seen our camper. I know she was excited that we lived in one and thought it was really really cool. Jasper then told me that "when Henry and Jane come to see our camper, that they will have a BIG smile on their faces and that he will be happy." So much growth in just two short weeks. It's unbelievable what life has to teach us if we just give her the chance.

July 17th, Day 14:

Vermont. We kind of need to live here. It is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. Each home unique. Flower beds, river rocks, and chimneys, all nestled into the Green Mountains. I told Jay to just pick one, any one and we'll move in. We've never considered moving away from the coast until we drove into Bethal, Vermont yesterday. The campsite is pretty special. Took hours to find as we lost signal in the mountains. We finally asked a local, and he sent us into a 25 minute long circle. Moosalamoo, that's the sites name. We are experiencing a real sense of these mountains up here. Beautiful sunsets, skies filled with stars and cool night air, finally. So cold, we spent all day yesterday looking for warmer clothing in town after a night of the three of us sharing a full sized bed to conserve body heat. We can see our breath, at night, in July. We might just have to come back here someday. 

July 18th, Day 15:

Up late (9:30am) and on our way into Canada today. It was hard saying goodbye to Moosalamoo. We all found magic there. Jasper's understanding of these things is greater than I imagined. 
We stink and need showers. We've been without electricity for almost three days. We tuck ourselves into these mountains. We bathe in sunrises and sunsets and that's okay. It's all okay. We are finding our way. 
It's hard to believe we are almost half way through this trip already.

It feels like yesterday we were packing up our belongings into storage and frantically grasping at the last loose pieces of our home. Now we spend our days searching for moose and feeling guilty about every perfect little Christmas tree growing in the Green Mountains of Vermont. "No I will not cut you down and toss you up onto the top of my minivan. No, I will not."

We are slowly finding a better understanding of what it is like parenting together. There is no grind. No deadlines. No late nights-editing-eyes bulging at the glow of the computer screen. There is only the glow of the stars, which we can all finally see. Together, the three of us. 
We have transparent walls. They glow and change and vibrate with the wind. We bask in them for as long as we can each day until the fire calls. It's over-tended. We've learned it likes to burn alone for as long as it can before it asks for help. We can relate.
When you make an effort to help it grow, it spells a thank you in the air. Licking flames and embers. 
We collect ourselves around her with our marshmallow-sticks and tired grins.

*Carried over from my previous site and originally published in Oct of 2014