a River Maternity

It had been a solid year since I had focused my camera on the growing belly of a mother to be. My younger sis has a good friend, Jen, that was pregnant with her second child. After learning that Jen had suffered three pregnancy losses before this current pregnancy, I decided to drive down to south Florida to help out with the baby shower that my sis was throwing for her. In the weeks leading up, some pretty little stars aligned, and before I knew it, we were submerged in the brackish waters of my home town, half naked and laughing with her oldest in tow. Our entourage was up by the pool with a bottle of wine and some plastic glasses. I occasionally shouted up to them for help in assisting in the shoot, and one would snub out their expensive cigarette and attend to my needs. It kind of felt like I was 'somebody' doing 'something' that night. The session was at the home of Bella and Gigi Hadid's uncle. Right on the river. White sand had been brought in and spread along the shore, and it was private enough for us to be in our knickers. 

The water was dark brown and fast moving, I had my doubts about the quality of the images we could create in this river, especially with the quickly fading light. We moved at breakneck speed, and chased the light together until the very last sliver was gone. It always feels like some right of passage when I bring a mother into the water, and this evening was no different. She fit like a glove, and she wowed me with her goddess curves, and her attention to her daughter. The brown water glowed silver and orange in the setting sun, as we immortalized this time that she has waited for for so long. 
Thank you Jen and Gianna for helping me out of my rut, and reintroducing me to the magic that happens between a mother and her children.