The Nest is a growing visual narrative from 2015-2017 when our family became four, and my husband finished an 11 year pursuit of his doctoral degree. We are now on the verge of big changes while at the same time living big changes.
Sleep walking through the longest yet somehow shortest days of our lives. Living in a dreamlike postpartum state, fueled by hormones and emotions I never knew existed. Our love for this life is in the details. 
We are adults on the verge of adulthood. Finally. 
I like to imagine my husband, hard at work, and out each day collecting branches and twigs for our new nest. 
We are all searching for connection. Building our proverbial nests. Fluffing our plumage and collecting our strongest twigs, and our softest of feathers. This is home. May it be strong enough to weather the greatest storm and comfortable enough to hold us while we sleep.